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Insurance is a necessary expense in today's world, especially with the rise in health care costs and liability issues. The only way to insure that a disaster of some sort won't clear your savings and cause you to declare bankruptcy is by getting insurance. We offer basic information on five major types of insurance, car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance and travel insurance. See below for some of the highlights from our article database.

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Take a look at our Home Insurance Inventory Creator for a simple, easy way to generate documentation on your belongings in case of a disaster. You can save your inventory, and create a printable HTML document from your list, complete with photos.

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Insurance Articles

Health Insurance Primer - Terms You Should Know

Whether you are seeking health insurance for the first time, or are switching health insurance provi

Comparing and Contrasting Health Insurance Plans

When comparing and contrasting potential health insurance plans, many consider the cost to be the mo

Individual vs. Group Health Insurance

Comparing Individual and Group Health Insurance If your job offers group health insurance, chance

How Changing Jobs Affects Health Insurance

Switching jobs can wreak havoc on your health insurance coverage. There are three possible changes t

Researching Health Insurance Companies

Seeking a new health insurance plan can be a daunting task. When you are choosing a health insuran

Car Insurance Primer - Terms You Should Know

Some form of car insurance is required in virtually every state of the United States, so if you're d

Comparing Car Insurance Plans

When comparing car insurance plans, there are few key items you should be on the lookout for. Ther

Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Car insurance premiums can be spendy, but there are ways that you can reduce the cost. Below are a l

Car Insurance for Leasing and Renting

Car Insurance For Leased Cars If you lease a car, then you won't have as many options when it come

Home Insurance Primer - Understanding Your Plan

It's easy to get home insurance without really understanding what you're getting for your money, but

Home Insurance for Those Renting or Owning Co-Ops or Condos

Home Insurance for Those Who Rent Home insurance for renters, or "Renters Insurance", is

Taking Inventory for Home Insurance

If a disaster ever strikes your home and you need your home insurance policy to cover damages to y

How to Save Money on Home Insurance

Home insurance is typically not going to be the biggest ticket item on your bills this year, but it'

Comparing Different Types of Life Insurance

The reasons an individual might get a life insurance plan vary greatly, so there are multiple types

Why Would You Want Life Insurance?

To Create an Inheritance - Reason For Life Insurance #1 One of the most common reasons people ge

How Much Life Insurance is Enough?

Life insurance can be of major assistance to your dependents after your pass away, but how much life

Saving Money on Life Insurance

Get Several Life Insurance Quotes Chances are that you know someone who has life insurance, and who

What is Travel Insurance?

A lot of unexpected things can happen while traveling, including ones that cost a lot of money, whic

5 Good Reasons To Get Travel Insurance

You Might Get Mugged By a Monkey - Good Reason for Travel Insurance #1 Probable the number one fea

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

When figuring out how much you are likely to spend on travel insurance for your trip, the best thing

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